Welcome to my website


I live in rural Norfolk in what I consider to be my own little piece of heaven, quite close to the small thriving market town of Aylsham.

Cats have been a part of my life for many years and I started breeding and showing Siamese cats back in the 1970's

I have always loved the agouti coat patterns and from my tabby pointed Siamese I progressed to breeding Ocicats.  Ocicats are a wonderful breed that have a 'wild' look but have been designed by crossing other established breeds.  They have intelligence, personality and a willingness to interact with humans.

Add to that the "WOW" factor, a little bit of truly WILD from their Serval ancestors, extra energy and a smattering of naughtiness and we have the Savannah breed.


I was introduced to Savannahs by my good friend Sue Threapleton of Aalspotz and, although she is no longer breeding, is always there with help and advice.  I now have the benefit of her years of selective breeding.  Future generations will carry my prefix YESSO.

Aalspotz Sylvie

Aalspotz Mischief Maker

Aalspotz Mischief Maker otherwise known as Pele because he dribbles when fussed.  This wonderful fertile F4 was allowed to live with us before being neutered and rehomed as a pet.  I have a lovely daughter by him, Yesso Mona Lisa.